H2S|Hydrogen sulphide


BW Technologies GA24XT-H, NEW! 2 year Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Detector

One of the most cost-effective PPE solutions for facility workers and
on-site contractors.

Type Order Number
O2,H2S,CO,%LEL BWG0018

Technical Details

  • Built-in concussion-proof boot
  • Ideal for amphibious operations and high-moisture environments
  • Two years of protection with zero maintenance costs
  • No sensor or battery replacement, no calibration, no downtime
  • Continuously ONone-button activation, test and data transmission

Product Description
Item Number: BWGA24XTH The GasAlertClipExtreme zero-maintenance detector is WATER RESISTANT and comes with: event logging, internal vibrating alarm, ready for use with belt clip, test cap and instructions. BW Technologies has raised the bar for maintenance-free detection with the new GasAlertClip Extreme. Providing two years of protection from H2S, SO2, CO or O2, the water-resistant GasAlertClip Extreme has a built-in concussion-proof boot and is ideal for amphibious operations and high-moisture environments. Equipped with two alarm levels and an internal vibrator, the GasAlertClip Extreme now features four visual LEDs, and a high-output audible alarm.. The large, alphanumeric display provides instant notification of gas alarms, test status, life remaining (months then days then hours) and peak (maximum) exposures encountered. The GasAlertClip Extreme`s advanced microprocessor performs a full function self-test automatically on startup and on demand to verify sensor, circuit and battery integrity, as well as audible/visual alarm operation. Generating a permanent record of gas alarm events has never been easier. The GasAlertClip Extreme allows for effortless transmission of stored event data to a cordless printer or a PC for review and analysis. Despite being loaded with features, the GasAlertClip Extreme is compact and light, which makes it comfortable to wear. Clip it to your lapel, pocket, belt or hardhat for unequalled protection.


BW GasAlert Extreme Hydrogen Sulfide Detector

The compact and affordable GasAlert Extreme Hydrogen Sulfide H2S is highly water-resistant, with an IP 66/67 fully immersible, EMI / RFI resistant housing, built-in concussion-proof boot, built-in datalogging features, and heavy-duty, stainless steel, alligator style belt-clip. An extra-loud audible alarm, flashing LED light bars, and built-in vibrator alert users to hazardous conditions. The large, easy-to-read display includes a built-in backlight that ensures readings are legible even in dim light conditions. An easily changed 3V camera battery provides up to two years of continuous operation.


  • Rugged, IP-66/67 highly water-resistant design w/ built-in concussion-proof boot
  • LOW, HIGH, TWA and STEL alarms with adjustable setpoints
  • Provides 95 dB tone and bright LED indication on alarm (typical)
  • Internal vibrating alarm
  • Compact (1.1 x 2.0 x 3.75 in) and Lightweight (2.9 oz. / 82 g)
  • 2-year battery life (typical) with replaceable 3V camera battery
  • Simple auto-zero and calibration procedure
  • Full function self-test of: sensor, battery, and circuitry integrity
  • NEW - Datalogging included as a standard feature
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