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● No user’s assembled parts.● Dual color-coded scale (%, Vac).● Neon indicator when >1200Vac.● Lightweight, robust & compact.● Carry case included.● Compare between phases.● Measure and test phase to earth.● High quality fiberglass wound rod.● Self powered operation. No battery required.● DC version available.● Measure phase to phase.● Hi immunity to interference fields.● Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.● Current is limited to ±1 milli-ampere.● Grounded or ungrounded systems.● Meets IEC 61481 (excludes PC44K).

Designed to proof:     -Phasing sticks.     -High voltage detectors (contact type only, not to be used with non contact proximity detectors.)     -High voltage and voltage testers.● Battery operated.● Led indicates when power is “ON”.● Small and hand-held.● Quick connection with normal 4mm test leads.

● Excellent shock resistance.● Rugged nylon moulding.● Auto on (when voltage detected).● Excellent drop resistance.● Good vibration resistance.● Loud sound alarm indication.● Built-in proving and self-test circuit.● High bright color-coded LEDS.● Works from standard 9V battery.● Interchangeable contact electrode.● Use in all whether conditions.● Compatible with all link sticks.● Lightweight, robust & compact.● Models available from 11kV to 132kV.● Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.● Self(auto on) or manual arming.● Easy access to batteries.● Customized threshold on demand.● Auto off (if no voltage detected).

● 8 voltage settings: 240Vac, 2kV, 6kV, 11kV, 22kV, 33kV, 132kV, and 275kV.● High bright LED visual indication.● Sound indication.● Easy-to-prove method.● Self-test selection.● Use 3 × 1.5V “C” batteries.● High impact nylon casing.● Non-contact work by proximity.● Compatible with most link sticks.● Lightweight, robust, & compact.● Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.● Detects low voltage on any systems.● Easy access to batteries.● No special parts needed.● Meets EN 61326-1  EN 55011  EN 61000-4-2  EN 61000-4-3● United States Design Patent : US D474, 705 S● Special ranges are available upon request.

● 2 ranges for selection ( 2 function buttons )   LOW : 50V~1.5kV   Press the LOW button, 277 HP is ready for low voltage detection.   HIGH : 1.5kV~132kV   Press the HIGH button, 277 HP is ready for high voltage detection.● Power consumption:   Off : Less than 5uA    Low voltage detection mode: Less than 40mA    High voltage detection mode: Less than 40mA●  Circuit test function    Press the Test button to make sure the whole circuit is working well    before testing actual high voltage circuits.●  Optional accessory:    HS-175 Telescopic hot stick (triangle-type)    HS-120 Hot stick

● 2 ranges for selection : LOW 50V~1.5kV                                             HIGH 1.5kV~132kV ● There is no power consumption in off mode : 0uA● Nice mechanical slide switch for function selection :  HIGH / OFF / LOW    ● The power consumption in low voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA● The power consumption in high voltage detection mode : Less than 20mA● Bright LED and audible alarm sound when voltage is present.● Lightweight, robust and compact.● Efficient and easy to use● Users have to use the Hot Stick when test high  voltages between 1.5kV~132kV.● SEW provides nice optional accessories of  Hot Sticks HS-175 and HS-120 for high voltage detection.● Optional accessories :   HS-175 Telescopic hot stick (triangle-type)   HS-120 Hot stick

● Triangular-shaped design keeps the sections aligned during extension and retraction.● Push button release for stick extension and retraction. ● Telescopic design allows for easy assembly, storage and transportation.● Withstands voltage rating of 100kV from 30cm for 5 minutes.      ● Universal end fitting accepts a wide variety of standard attachments.● Highly visible  yellow tip section.● Easy-to-replace sections.● Carrying bag included.  ● Optional integrated height measurement scale.● Complies with IEC 62193 safety standard.

Category: Hot Sticks

● Used for the extraction of fuses, isolators & fuse switch disconnections.● Can be attached to the 275 HP Proximity Detectors and contact Capacitive Detectors 21× HVD.● Universal "sunrise" head attachment to fit special tool fittings.● Head Section rated at 100kV per 300mm (5 min).● Comes complete with sunrise fitting and fuse extractor.● 3 × 1.8 meter sticks; 1 × 1.2 meter head section.● Sticks 1 × 1.2 meter head section complete with universal sunrise fitting. ● 1 × carry bag.     ● Meets IEC 60855.